Our Team

BookBound 2020 is a not-for-profit voluntary collective connecting writers and readers around the world. It was founded at the end of March 2020 by the recently-published author Georgie Codd and her friends, in response to widespread cancellations of literary events, and early indicators of increased demands being placed on UK mental health services.

Although the official festival week is now over, the BookBound 2020 collective still exists. It is currently taking a break.

Working closely – but remotely – alongside Georgie:
  • Curator of the festival's young adult and children's author sessions and production co-ordinator, book-lover Felicity Quick  
  • BookBound 2020's lead video director and recording strategist Claire Read
  • Co-curator and head of New Zealand outreach, the essayist and reviewer Anna Knox – who also designed the festival programme
  • Lead for chair communications: British book-lover Beatrice Bazell  
  • Co-director for video recording: Rachel Read

The festival’s work was kindly supported, without charge, by its brilliant partners at London’s own Wasafiri Magazine: chiefly Malachi McIntosh (the magazine’s editor and publishing director), Pauline Walker (Wasafiri’s administration and programmes manager) and Crystal Koo (AHRC intern assistant designer).

With many thanks to Dan Richards for early author liaison, launch support, and comms/curation ideas.

Providing essential support in communications were UK-based book-lovers: Lucy Marks, lead for the BookBound 2020 Instagram account, working with Charlotte; Rosie Purdie, in support of Felicity Quick; comms consultant Nicola Mirams, and media relations assistant Chrissy Ryan. Grassroots outreach and promotion from Emma Goodman. With additional thanks to Liz Faulkner from Jelly Armchair for promoting the festival through two competition giveaways.

Hannah Hardman supported with video edits for pre-recordings. Emily Henderson and Alex Norori-McCormac both assisted with graphic design.

Working tirelessly around the clock to provide subtitles for BookBound 2020 events were UK-based book-lovers Saskia Norori-McCormac and Anne Johnston, supported by Beatrice Bazell. Additional subtitling support was provided by Simba, Ben Marks and Max.

Matt Elwell, Anna, Chris and Safia Finlay provided invaluable support for the BookBound 2020 website and SEO.

Elsewhere, book-lovers Jo Codd, Kaia Skillman and Harry generously donated their time to support with urgent behind-the-scenes tasks.

The BookBound 2020 team was unexpectedly overwhelmed by the kindness of its contributing speakers; big names and emerging authors alike. Though some of the festival's authors and hosts are themselves experiencing hardship as a result of the current climate, all were willing to donate their talents as speakers without payment.

We have all been united by an enthusiasm to create an expansive and engaging online festival for viewers across the world, in aid of better mental health.