A note on our updated name: BookBound 2020
Tuesday 31 March 2020

Our festival team, who initially launched this collaboration as 'HouseBound 2020', has jointly chosen to rename the festival BookBound 2020, following a small number of early comments and complaints.

This feedback drew our attention to the potential offence caused by the name HouseBound. Many people are forced to stay at home due to their physical or mental health throughout the year and being 'housebound' is a reality for them. We were greatly sorry to have caused offence through our initial choice of name.

One of the stated aims of this festival is to bring people together in an inclusive way. Therefore, the name 'HouseBound 2020' is being entirely dropped from all of our materials. All material relating to this festival will now refer to our new name, BookBound 2020.

Before making this decision, the team sought guidance from the charity Disability Rights UK. We have followed their advice. You can visit their website at www.disabilityrightsuk.org

We have taken this matter seriously as it was never our intention to cause harm, or to ignore the needs of others. We hope that, through this swift action, some amends can be made, and we are appreciative of the feedback we received.